Our training model was created Process Oriented “team represents the Process” by analyzing gap between current and required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.
To create required Infrastructure for Process Improvement which can achieve & sustain Improvements.


Our consultancy Model was created Customer Oriented by analyzing complete loop of Criticality from customer to supplier by Collecting Voice of Customer to get Critical to CustomerAnalyze product/service to get Critical to QualityAnalyze Process to get Critical to ProcessAnalyze Inputs to get Critical to InputsDefine Suppliers Criteria to get Critical to Suppliers In order to define “Internal& External” Customers’ needs and Assign accepted quality level required from each part of the process to build quality in the operations.

Consultation and Training

I trained over 20000 Trainee about quality Methodologies.
Deploy Quality Methodologies for Companies to increase Market share, Manage & Restructure Human resources ,improve customer relation, Develop Employees Guide to provide new standard & Methodologies for processes ,Creating Expert Systems for Knowledge Sustainability.

Consultation Fields such as FMCG, Training, Marketing, ISO Health Care, Call Centers, Oil & Gas Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry.

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