Variations is the code of life, and it exists in any process, operation, or action in the whole universe,

That’s why no one can stop or prevent  the happening  of the variation.

-Do you think that the variation is a bad event?
-No, it’s not.

Without variation there will be no business because no one can target a fixed specified value and set it exactly.

For example :
I want the weight of some medical tablet to be 10 grams, the time of the customer service call to be 3 minutes, or the market share to be 10%.

The target must be 10 gms ±1 gram,
3 minutes ±10 seconds,
and 10% ± 0.1

These added subtracted values (±) are called
(the tolerance).

The tolerance is the good face for variation as it satisfies the customer’s needs.

And when these adder of subtracted of values exceeds the tolerance, in such case we call it (Devotion).

That deviation is the dark face of the variation because it exceeds the tolerance and therefore dissatisfy the customer
(a customer less product or service).